The Inspection Process & Services

The Inspection

Our building consultant will conduct a visual examination of the physical structure and its mechanical components from the ground up. During the inspection, the customer should make a note of any questions or concerns that may arise as these will be addressed verbally and included in the report. The consultant will check and explain the operation and maintenance of the various systems in the home.  The typical inspection includes:

Foundations  – Basement/Crawlspace –  Structure  –  Energy /Insulation –  Roof  –  Heating/Cooling  –  Electrical  –  Plumbing  –  Kitchen  –  Walls/Ceilings  –  Floors  –  Window/Doors –  Fireplace  –  Exterior  –  Gutter/Drainage  – Porches  –  Site Improvement Full Summary and Remarks

The Report

Once the house is inspected, a complete comprehensive report, including any questions the customer may have about the property will be given to the buyer at the site. It will tell the customer the condition of every major component of the home and specify inspection limitations and recommendations. A special maintenance/home care manual is also provided with the report. Its advice and information will be of inestimable value to the homeowner.


Full Inspection – Single Family Homes

Multiple Dwellings

Partial Inspections – Report on one system, problem or item

New Home Inspection – Detailed punchlist that will assist you during your walk through with the builder

Building Certifications

Radon Testing – Electronic Continuous Monitor


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